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Breakthrough Business Development Book

A 90-Day plan to build your client base
and take your business to the next level

by Duncan MacPhersonand David Miller

The 12-week program detailed in Breakthrough Business Development is built on the four cornerstones of the STAR System: Strategic Analysis, Targets and Goals, Activities and Reality Check.

These four simple, proven steps provide the what, the why and the how of running and building an efficient business.

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Breakthrough Business Development Testimonials

"Pareto has revolutionized my business. They have given me a much greater understanding of the elements of a successful practice. They have assisted me in implementing these elements effectively, particularly in those areas where my existing attitudes and fears "got in the way." The coaching program made all the difference. I strongly recommend Pareto to anyone who wants to feel that they are running their business and it is not running them."

G.Mitchell, CIBC Wood Gundy

"I am just beside myself on the results gathered so far from instituting the Pareto System. I use an agenda for meetings now and have formulated a standard package given to new clients. Already I have sent out twenty thank-you cards to new referrals. I even got a referral from a referral if that makes sense. Some clients didn't know that I was still expanding my business. I am also finding advocates that I didn't classify as such."

D. Jung, Raymond James

Actionable Templates, Tools and Scripts

To access the actionable templates, tools, and scripts that are referred to in Breakthrough Business Development fill out your information here. The forms and templates will help you create your own personalized business development plan for attracting and keeping valuable clients.

About the Authors

Duncan MacPherson is the CEO of Pareto Systems, an industry leading business development firm dedicated to the elite professionals and companies within the knowledge-for-profit sector. Duncan and his team of consultants work with professionals in a wide range of fields including Financial Services, Insurance, Accounting, Legal, Mortgage and consulting to create predictable, sustainable, and duplicable businesses. Pareto Systems is well known for its approach which is based on best practices and for its focus on implementation.

As a speaker in high demand, Duncan travels extensively throughout North America and around the world, conveying dynamic and fact-rich presentations that have made him a popular spokesperson for the knowledge-for-profit industry.

David Miller has more than 25 years of business experience, including management, business development, consulting and technology. After beginning his career at a financial planning company, David then established his own firm and enjoyed success by implementing structured systems and processes. During this time, he also designed some of the first software to search for competitive estate planning products, compare their effectiveness and integrate them into a financial plan.

After his subsequent experience as an individual advisor, David then founded a firm which specialized in consulting for the financial services industry. Based on his primary interest in studying the best practices of advisors, David established a program allowing advisors to implement strategies found to ensure their success.

Duncan and David have a track record of showing entrepreneurs how to attract and keep great clients, while running a profitable and efficient business. They are both continuing to work with elite professionals in the knowledge-for-profit sectors.

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